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Add option exclude certain file types and folders

I mapped my Documents Library to OneDrive which to me is a natural thing to do. Unfortunately there a lot of files and folders that don't need to be synced and can't be moved.

Users should be able to right-click on a folder or a file and select Do Not Sync. The sync state icon should change to something like a 'Do Not' red circle with a diagonal slash.

This is very useful and necessary functionality to make OneDrive more intuitive and reduce sync problems due to over syncing and infinite sync retries

Using Win 10

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  • Dr. Evil commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Seconded. It is very frustrating having to Stop oneDrive, set it to not sync a folder, and hope it works properly.

    Currently, Onedrive insists on trying to sync my pictures library despite the fact that I have set it to not-sync, and will NEITHER let me delete it NOR re-direct the libraries shortcut to the pictures library on my device.

  • Graeme Robinson commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm using Nuance PaperPort 14 to manage scanning and to view folders in my OneDrive. PaperPort creates 4 hidden files in each folder to hold thumbnails, desktop layout, etc. OneDrive picks these hidden files up and syncs them, and they then lose their hidden attribute during the sync, and so they clutter up folders on other synced machines. I also don't want them to sync because they are local machine specific and adversely impact PaperPort on the other synced systems. ClientPolicy.ini allows me to exclude file types but not silently - they appear as file sync errors. I can't stop these files being created, I can't configure them to be located elsewhere, I need a silent 'ignore' option for selecrted file types to get around this please.

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