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Sharepoint Image Libraries need to Sync to OneDrive for Business

In order to be a truly effective tool for our company, Sharepoint Image Libraries need to Sync with OneDrive for Business.

We have several documents that need to be shared between our design and sales teams. Some of these are Design Orders, POs and Spread Sheets, but the largest majority of documents is made up of jpeg images of concept drawings.

From the design team's side: We have OneDrive for Business because we need the concept drawings from all 6 designers Sync'd to our own machines at all times... This can be achieved by using Documents Library instead of an Image Library on Sharepoint.

Meanwhile, our Sales team does not need these drawings to Sync to their machines. All they want to do is to simply go on our Sharepoint site, and browse through thumbnails of the concept drawings and select the concept drawings they would like to show to our customers...

However, if we change our Image Library of concept drawings to a Documents Library their is no feature in the documents library that will allow our sales team to view those documents in thumbnail form on the website.

So, one of either two things will fix this.
1) Add a feature to Sharepoint that will allow Image Libraries to sync to OneDrive for Business.
2) Just add a thumbnail viewing feature in the Documents Library, and I can just forget about ever using Image Libraries ever again.

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