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A ToDo collection for OneDrive development

I am using OneDrive since the beginning of SkyDrive on phone, pc and Laptop, and I use it for saving my data as well as for sharing / collaborating. Thank to MS for finally allowing us to sync shared (editor rights) folders; it is a good start to develop OneDrive.
From the viewpoint of serious windows users OneDrive is maybe the most important part of Windows. Those people do not care so much about beautiful icons, or idiotíc ideas like building automatic Albums for photo storage, or doing music streaming etc., they want to have tools for communication and collaboration.
So please:
- make a transparent directory structure for synchronized shared folders (e.g. mainfolder for owner...)
- bring the possiblity to sync all types of shared folders in OneDrive (also read only ones)
- bring back placeholders for 'online only' folders/files in OneDrive
- do not sync whole file when only tag information has changed (large media files)

This would be really ****!

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