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OneDrive for Business - Support multiple OneDrive languages by default

I work in a very large company. The default language of our tenant is set to FR.
However, we have thousands of users in numerous countries.
For now, when a user chooses to change his preferred language in O365, all user interfaces change to the choosen language BUT OneDrive.
We determine that if we want the "OneDrive For Business" language to be changed, accordingly to the user language settings, we have to set additional languages from each user interface, and then modify every single user profil to use advanced language settings as desired...
Just a mess!
And imagine that we must ask any of our 20K users to perform that action... \o/

We would be pleased if MS provides us at least a tool (or a powershell command) to add alternate languages to any SPO site (OneDrive site).
And we would be delighted to be able to change the default language for a SPO site to whatever language our users ask us.

The best option for us would be an integration of the application directly provided by MS in our tenant.
This way the user language settings would be used and extended to all the other tenant’s features.
This actual application behavior doesn't really make any functional sense to us.

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  • خزان -khazan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    من عقیده دارم که باید برای هر موضوعی یک ویدیو ساخته شود و در کنار همان موضوع گذاشته شود
    - من عقیده دارم که مایکروسافت باید سایتی مثل یوتیوب گوگل داشته باشد و اسم ان را بگذارید my tube
    انگاه خواهید دید که سود شرکت و مراجعه مردم صد در صد بالا می رود

    .... دوستتان دارم
    و من را استخدام کنید تا من نوشتهای شاعرانه ای برای شرکت بنویسم و ارزش شرکت را بالا خواهم برد

    لطفا با ایمیل من در جمیل تماس بگیرید من در ایران شهر مشهد زندگی میکنم و دکترای الکترونیک و ادبیات را دارم

    و تخصص کامپیوتر را هم دارم ایمیل من

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