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performance saving and opening


It is best described if compared to Dropbox: When I save a document on Dropbox it is done in half a second. It seems Dropbox saves it directly to my hard drive and will then in the background synchronize it with Dropbox online and then onto all other devices and users connected to it (and offer revision tracing if needed, etcetera).
• The benefit being: I experience no drop in performance using Dropbox.

When opening a file and saving a file from Onedrive (regardless if it is private Onedrive or Office 365 business premium Onedrive) the same document may take some 5 – 15 seconds to open and 5 – 15 seconds to save, stalling my computer meanwhile.
• The DISbenefit being: It is stalling my productivity and effectivity and is irritating. It is like going back two decades in performance.

It seems the path to the file when opened and saved automatically switches from the Onedrive folder on my harddrive to Onedrive online (I have a 100 mbit fibernet internet connection and am connected to the router via cable). So in difference to Dropbox it seems Onedrive by default saves it online and then synchronize it with my computer locally and all other attached units and user.

This seems to be the reason for this irritating delay.

Do not get my wrong. My Onedrive is function. I have been through different help articles and the settings of Onedrive but have not found this can be improved and had a support technician call me to ensure I had this right.

I would prefer to use Onedrive rather than Dropbox, but if that comes with this severe delay I will have to do the change.

Please alter Onedrive so its performance is that of Dropbox. I will now change to use only Dropbox for my files and not OneDrive-

Kindly Erik Ph

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