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OneDrive For Business and SharePoint Integration

OneDrive For Business and SharePoint need to be tightly integrated to support the seemless transfer of content between the two environments to support good practice formal content management together with the dynamic collaborative power of OneDrive.

Content should be able to be 'moved' from OneDrive to SharePoint so that duplicates are not created and the master content exists in one place only. Ideally, the 'Move to SharePoint' feature would provide an option to 'Leave a Link' in OneDrive to the newly created content in SharePoint.

In order to better support ad-hoc collaboration on content that has been imported into SharePoint and therefore its master version resides in SharePoint, an option in SharePoint to 'Checkout to OneDrive' should also be provided. This would allow customers to edit and contribute on content with the users empowered to restrict the audience for editing purposes as appropriate. This is especially important where ad-hoc collaboration of sensitive content, or coontent not aligning with existing Site Permissions models, i.e. the SharePoint Team Sites have been configured using a formally governed corporate security model which does not support ad-hoc permissions management well or easily for the average user.

Anyone attempting to edit the content in SharePoint once it has been checked out to OneDrive should be able to see that it has been checked out to a OneDrive account and identify who that user is. Site Admins should be able to override the checkout as per standard SharePoint functionality for instances where a user has left the organisation etc.

Back in the OneDrive world, when the ad-hoc collaboration exercise has been completed the content should be able to be checked in directly from OneDrive as the new version of the master content in SharePoint.

This approach would greatly empower business users to collaborate on content in a secure and flexible way, utilising the power and flexibility of OneDrive whilst still maintaining content integrity associated with the master source of truth for the content in formally managed SharePoint Team Sites in an organsiation.

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    the version history and "modified/created by" information should be preserved as well!

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