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Unable to upload to “Shared” folders

It doesn’t appear to be possible to upload directly to a shared folder in the OneDrive iPhone or iPad application from a 3rd party application.

For example, I have tried uploading a document as a pdf from Notability into a shared folder in OneDrive but it only allows me to select one of my folders, not any of the folders being shared with me.

As a consequence, we are having to do the following:

- User 1 creates a folder and shares with User 2.
- User 2 creates a folder and shares with User 1.
- User 1 uploads Document A into the User 1 shared folder.
- User 2 accesses User 1’s shared folder from the “Shared” tab in the OneDrive app and pulls Document A into a 3rd party app (Notability).
- User 2 annotates Document A and wants to share with User 1 so clicks share to “Other Apps” and clicks “Copy to One Drive”, this launches OneDrive and provides a list of User 2’s folders but none of the shared folders, therefore User 2 saves into the folder they have shared with User 1.
- User 1 can then access this document from the “Shared”tab in the OneDrive app.

It would be much easier if you could access the shared folders directly when uploading from 3rd party apps.

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