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Include or exclude folder option for Photo View

There should be an option which folders I want to see in the Photo View, as default the "Pictures" folder. You should be able to choose all folders in your OneDrive, maybe even shared folders from other people.
As an example: something like the option from "Selective Sync".

Previous idea:
Choose which folder will be included or excluded in All Photos view.
Hasn't been solved. Only one option to switch between All and Photos isn't enough.

Previous idea:
Exclude folders from Photo View

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  • Chris Caulfield commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I'm trying to find pictures of #people in my onedrive, but since I also store music there, all I see is hundreds of album covers :( The option to restrict to only the Pictures folder does not affect the tagging, and even if it did, I'd still want to be able to exclude just the music folder from the tags (or at least my current search).

  • Sébastien Richer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Correction: The folder type does not get me the result I want, the test photo just disappeared for a few moments, so back to no way to do this. Bummer

  • Sébastien Richer commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello, I just want to outline how important this is.


    1- I take pictures of private things (example, my wife breastfeeding)
    2- This photo gets synchronized (no problem)
    3- I see it in the Photos feed and I say "ahh right, I'll just move this picture to a private folder"
    4- If I switch the option from All / Pictures folder only to All, I'll still see the picture.

    Basically, this means that I can't "safely" show my photo feed to friends or family, but rather only selet folders.

    Currently, the only way I've managed to get some configuration close to what I want, is to create a "private" folder and change the folder type from "Picture" to "Document", this gets me the behavior I want, but I'm not sur about other impacts.

    Vote for this! :)

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