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How can we improve the OneDrive mobile app on iOS?

Third View options on the iphone ios app!!?

In the desktop version there is a Third View option which allows me to choose Photos view.

I choose this and want this for number of reasons.

I am dyslexic and prefer to see the image being displayed preview on the folder. Like it used to be.

Hugely motivated by fact i use onedrive daily and have the images displayed on my iphone Plus.
I need the 3rd option to view files as photos.
I expect responsive comfortable images displayed.. like before.. now the wider gaps look awful.

Lastly like many i pay to use Onedrive and requesting another View Option would make a big difference to me.. also i will bang on about this until the change is made!!

Please update the app with new view option!👍🤞
.. looks so ugly and grey folders only is so dull 🙈😴😟

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    On iPhone/iPad when it was upgraded to v10 compared to v9.9 the thumbnails on the folder icons (using the icon view) were reduced to a small sliver which has ruined things. Also if Larger Text is selected (via Settings\General\Accesibility) the folder names are not usable (Dynamic Type doesn't really work here).

    Please remember people with a visual disability can use Zoom over the whole page which is often preferable over something that is totally unreadable.

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