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How can we improve OneDrive on Mac?

Syncing with OneDrive for Business on mac app NOT available?!

The fact that our business is now going to be paying hundreds of dollars to Microsoft and not being able to have a syncing ability for shared folders/files is UNREASONABLE! Macs are a business targeted computer option and being that the Business option for OneDrive does not have a full functionality is ridiculous. We are in the process of moving over from DropBox and this set-back is really making me want to let our CEO know that moving over to OneDrive may be a grave mistake. Knowing that people and businesses have been addressing this concern for months now and most responses are showing "Thanks for the suggestion, we'll think about it" is extremely troublesome. If there is integration on one platform, then there should be integration for all platforms! Being a long-time (used to be) satisfied Microsoft Office user and now trying to fully implement the Business 365 within our Residential and Commercial Real Estate businesses, I'm really hoping something is done about this ASAP.

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  • Faisal Ijaz commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Getting the following error while trying to sync Sharepoint online document library:

    “Sorry, we can’t add your “” folder right now. Please try again.

    Have tried every solution posted on the web that includes running terminal commands, installing stand alone clients, reseting the settings, removing spaces from site urls.

    Some folders that have never been synced before, seem to sync. Folders that have issue are the ones that were syncing a few months ago and all of sudden stopped working. No changes to sharepoint sites have been made that would justify the break.

    Read online a fix is coming in April this year, but seems like the issue is still present and its almost mid July.

    Cant really use sharepoint libraries without proper synching. Also seems like many other users are plagued by this issue since forever also. Why doesn’t Microsoft provide a solution to this or provide a workaround that works.

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