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How can we improve OneDrive on Mac?

Properly support the macOS file system (special characters, aliases, symbolic links, case sensativity, etc.)

OneDrive is 99% useless on a Mac because the macOS file system is not properly supported:

1) Files are limited to Windows naming conventions. I't impractical to rename 100's of files to complete a sync

2) Aliases get copied as unusable files and symbolic links are ignored.

3) If the drive is formatted as one of Apple's/unix's case-sensitive formats, they're unusable with OneDrive.

These are the deal killers, items like support for tags, etc. would be nice also.

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  • Rob commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    The fact that MS drives people here to "vote" for this, as if there's even a question about whether they should do it or not, is off-the-charts ridiculous. There is no other cloud service — no other modern technology company, I'd venture — still using 1990s-style file-name rules.

    @OneDrive actually answered a tweet about this by providing a link to this page. Really? Go vote on whether or not we should stop using 30-year-old file structure? REALLY?

  • Roy Leban commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    DropBox never complains that the name of a file contains a special character — it just makes it work. I'm trying to move from DropBox to OneDrive and I'm told I have to rename 165 files?!

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