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let me know when people i share content with are logging in, add password protection

I share content with my one drive with artists collaborating on a project.
they each have access to my files but I have no knowledge of when they log in, and if any files are added or removed.
this should be a relatively simple thing to add as a feature.
what you would have then is this:
sharing content would require the people getting a link to your content receiving a password that you control [not them] and it would not be the general onedrive password you use.
when you share content, there would be an option to be notified when they make any access, add or remove files.
removal of files would be an important one to be notified of whereby you control who can delete, and if deletion can only be done after you have been notified of the delete request and also approve of it.
and there could be the ability to lock files from being deleted without a password if you wanted to simplify the process.
in order to make sure that unauthorized persons do not access the files through link sharing, IP data could be utilized to ensure the persons accessing the files are the ones permitted to do so.
Dropbox has similar measures in place, but they do not go far enough, and Onedrive is a lot easier to use and could implement these security measures with ease, and make file sharing more secure at the same time.

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