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Bring back functionality of Public sharing

The functionality of public sharing was silently removed without a believable explanation ... thats sad fact!
I was terribly disappointed ... by decision and also by sneaky way of hidding whole thing and reasons for that.

There are many false stories and excuses
- Mister Douglas Pearce has marked it as something "buggy" for support to solve ... and has disabled futher voting for this matter ... thats what i call "dodge".

- More than two months passed without any sign of activity. Onedrive as major Microsoft service isnt normaly left without support ... but in this case is nearly obvious that no "support" action will be done. Reason isnt shared with us!

- Some persistent users have been informed about "temporary disable of service for security reasons" .... maybe true, but seem like dodge again.

- OneDrive API administrator on GitHub said:
"We're in the process of removing the public sharing feature. It's been a source of confusing for end users who don't understand the difference between sharing something as "public" and sharing a view or edit link to a file. The ramifications of using "public" weren't clear."

That only confirms Microsoft intentions to disable this function for all .... and posibly disprove other explanations as false. Also this explanation is not fully logical.


PLEASE bring this function back!
It is very important to us!

For example: I have my photos folderd on Onedrive and part of them i am sharing publicly.... so friends can open my Onedrive (root or any album) and list through any publicly shared folders ... they can see if there is new
folder or browse older ones.

They DONT need to have saved list of links to every each album on my Onedrive ..
And i DONT need to share my albums with every single friend that i want to give access .... in many cases i even dont know email addresses for all of them.

There is no way now to easily share with larger group of poeple without any futher administration ....

Option to share "view only" or sharing by email message simply cannot be used instead ....

Posibly reasons....
If there are real concerns about users understanding terms of "view only" and "public" ... dont throw away whole functionality and use better terms .... "Share with everyone publicly" and "Share only with link holder" ...

Just be creative and solve the problem of "explaining" ... not with existence of public share. Otherwise the reason is only weak excuse ...

Maybe there is something harmles in public sharing for Microsoft ... maybe you are tired by using Onedrive by blogers -> ok, you solved this by removing static URLs.
Or maintance cost are too high for so much traffic ... let us pay for it, please!

Maybe there is some new product in prepare and is in conflict with onedrive public sharing .... so be brave and tell us about that -> we dont need revealing details, but real explanation.

Maybe there is security risk ... and if is ... it will be surly solvable. Just tell us about that!

If there will not be any kind of public sharing?
Answer is simple .... as user and developer i will be no more motivated to use Onedrive anymore.....

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  • James King commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    This is ridiculous. I have historical documents I share with over 150 people, updated on a yearly basis. Now I have to share with each person individually??? What bright mind decided to stop public sharing and not let the users know? This is NOT the way to keep users happy and coming back

  • Gianni commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I hope that public sharing will make a comeback soon, it's useful for sharing to large groups of people or posting some photo on a forum easily, without complications.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I understand the security concerns that led to the removal of the feature; however, it could be restored under an option labeled "public sharing." There are two situations where I need to share a document--one with a family member where I can email a long URL, and when I need to share a link to a presentation with a group. "You can get a copy of my Powerpoint presentation at ...." Shorting a PUBLIC URL is not a security vulnerability.

  • Ernest commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Same problem here! I can't share my photos publicly, it works only for documents. So i think that public share is disabled especialy for pictures. Thats shame!

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