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Better documentation for Special Folder

OneDrive Dev Center docs[1] currently documents only five special folders: documents, photos, cameraroll, approot and music.

I know (from browsing my OneDrive, or trying randomly to find folders) that there are many more folders.

* videos - default video location
* xboxgamedvr - where Xbox uploads stuff
* mobilephotos - default save location when you manually upload a picture from your phone
* savedpictures - don't know. I think it's for things you find on the web
* cameraimports - where to save pictures when you connect a camera
* public - an always public folder
* attachments - where outlook saves attachments

And some that I think will be used in a next improvment of "Known Folder Move"
* favorites
* savedgames
* 3dobjects
* desktop

Anyway, those are the folders I found, and I think they lack documentation.

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