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    Andy commented  · 

    basically I really like the share function in OneDrive and OneNote. Unfortunately I’m not able to prevent unauthorized access to a share via link. Everyone who gets access to this link is also able to access my share (for example if I send this link to the wrong e-mail receiver).

    It would be a lot more secure if there is an option called “only accessible over a Windows LiveID” (not all Live IDs). Sadly at the moment, without any security option, this sharing feature is totally insecure.

    Did anyone of you recognize, that there is no option to share files / folders in OneDrive only to exclusive user(s), which have to authenticate by their Live ID?

    There are the following methods to share your OneDrive data (I use a German OS, sorry if my explanation doesn’t match that well):
    1. Receiver doesn’t need a Microsoft Account  Everyone who gets access to this link will be able to access the OneNote shared folder / files and I have no chance to see or track who’s accessing my data.

    2. Receiver needs to sign in with a Microsoft Account  This means if someone gets access to this link and also has a Microsoft Account (doesn’t matter which Live ID, any account around the world can sign in and access the OneDrive share/data). At least this way I’m able to see which Account has accessed my data. But honestly, which one of you guys is going to check this?

    For security reason I really appreciate a third option to give someone access to a file / folder over an explicit Live ID I have to fill in. So only the User with this link and this specific Live ID can access my OneDrive data. Everyone else who gets access to this link (also if they have any other Live ID) is not able to access my OneDrive data.

    I really like OneDrive, but as I found out that there is no chance to secure my shared data from any unauthorized access, because I’m not able to only give access to specific Live ID’s, I removed all my shares. I really hope Microsoft is giving us this option in the near future. I think this is a fundamental feature of sharing online data.

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