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    JasonFZ1 commented  · 

    This "feature" existed in all versions of OneDrive until very recently when OneDrive for Mac introdiced the "Files on Demand" feature. Files on Demand will download metadata but not the actual files hence saving disk space, which sounds great! The problem is that this feature requires that the OneDrive folder be located on a APFS formatted drive, so users that are using an OS that was updated from older macOS versions OR are using external or secondary drives are not always using APFS.

    This mens that for users not able to use files on demand this change has in many cases made the software UNUSABLE. The reason is obvious. In the past, the user, prioro to the initial sync, could select which folders to sync. Now, the software will require a FULL SYNC from the cloud to the local drive before it lets the user select folders. This means that if the size of the cloud data exceed the available free space on the user drive the sync cannot continue, and even more stupidly the software doesn't check to see if the available space (let alone the size) of the disk has enough space. The software will try to download everything from the cloud until the entire disk space is full, which when on a system drive will start corrupting user OS'es. Even if there is free space, forcing the user to download a terabyte to then delete 90% of it is just plain dumb. MS recongizes the value of having some data in the cloud and less data on the local drive but has prohibited this use case for non-APFS volumes overnight, with no advance notice, by changing functionality that has no reason to have been changed. IE - waiting to sync until folders are selected will only take a few seconds, not relevant for the sync. It seems like MS forgot that non-APFS volume users might need to use the software. In its current form, it is not an "annoyance", in our case it is (since we have a lot of cloud data that exceeds disk space) unusable.

    The simple ask is to just allow the user to select the sync folders BEFORE the initial sync starts, something that it did less than a month ago for every version of the software from day 1.

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