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    Christoph Hohm commented  · 

    Hello, from Nachtestedt in Germany. I have some ideas for Word Online of Office 365. There are here no here futures like at the work in the original Word 2013 from PC-Version: In the text creation the tabulator function is absent. Pictures cannot be broken down in the layout, how in Word on the PC about other layout options. It is good, the office 365 for Tablet and Smartphone is available. I would also wish a version for Ubuntu as a user. I do not find Windows 8 and Windows 10 so good. I found the work under Windows 7 still most attractive. In Ubuntu and also with the Samsung Android Tablet Galaxy Tab A I can access about my Microsoft account on the Internet the data and work on. 1 TB One drive memory is very good and functions on both devices. Indeed, I would say, the office is not everybody's price range. Here the total expenses are too high without subscription for an end customer and the price for a subscription too. The office still functions quite well, only the Open Document Format with built in would have to be integrated. In the online version the format cannot be correctly opened and be stored. Only the Microsoft Format worked correctly. Thanks and many greetings.

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