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    tell us more  ·  Casey Penk responded

    Can you please tell us more about what you are looking for? What do you mean by “zero knowledge cloud storage”? Thank you.

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    Peter K. Baumgarten commented  · 

    Came here from reddit discussion about OneDrive encryption, pretty sad to see you have to use third party sync clients for onedrive to be encrypted. Most ppl in the world dont live in countrys with good privacy laws, and for many professionals save storage is crucial, not only journalists, companys, but also citizens with repressive govs. Plus the new internet privacy laws in US and EU will only make ppl more suspicous towards big companys who are allowed to sell ones data. I dont want MS or Apple or Google to sell my data, but compared to google, i payed for OneDrive, and dont want you to access my data anyway. Some ppl may not care, but the most professional and business users DO CARE.

    Peter K. Baumgarten supported this idea  · 

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