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    Hometoy commented  · 

    I use Linux and Windows at home, and the browser to access my files when at work. At work I use Windows to develop ASP.NET and SQL Server solutions, as well as troubleshoot MS Office. The ability to seamlessly sync and work with files back-and-forth with all the benefits of OneDrive is much needed.

    Yes, there is Google Drive, but [1] Google failed on their promise of an official Google Drive for Linux, which means they can change the API anytime and not be responsible to the community projects that did the work for them (Gnome, Insync, etc.), and [2] to edit the files via browser you have to convert the files to a Google App format. Even OneDrive can be set to default to Open Desktop file format instead of MS Office format, meaning I could use LibreOffice or OpenOffice just as well.

    I know OneDrive is an integral part of many MS products and I think this would be a great first step to opening up products to the growing ranks of Linux users.

    Then I would want MS Office for Linux. I'd even be happy if it were the mobile versions for Android modified to work installed on Linux.

    I also want to see Microsoft come out with an official OneDrive just to stick it to Google that tossed out an API like a slab of gristle to a hungry dog. Even better if Microsoft points that out to them. :)

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