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    We recently added the ability to transfer ownership to another user when deleting a user’s account from AAD from the M365 admin portal. If no entry is provided, the default will transfer to the manager.

    The manager or newly assigned owner will have the ability to sync that content or download and then move to a shared library or their own OneDrive.

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    An to add weight to Mikes Hatherlys comments - when a corporate user is provided with a PC they invariably save files in their My Document folder, this does not mean that these are Legally Their documents, under most standard employment agreements the IP created during the term of employment is owned by the organisation, when we retrieve the PC we retrieve the files, so now you've essentially moved the My Documents from the PC to the cloud (or at least provided a corporate cloud space for files) the same principal still exists, the data is corporate owned, there are abilities to add DLP and Retention policies in order to ensure it stays within the organisation so why are you making it difficult to retrieve these files??

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    This is an absolute must for any organisation that's wanting to offboard a user but wants to retain access to their one drive files. The current method of copying upto 500MB between the OneDrive for business folder and Sharepoint is not sufficient for the needs of most businesses, especially when the users are provided with 1TB of onedrive for business space.

    You need to simplify this process by adding an offboarding feature to the Onedrive admin centre and allowing a single click bulk transfer of the data to a sharepoint folder. From there most business can figure out what to do with the data themselves.

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