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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I have been using one drive to sync files across multiple devices which I am using, or rather attempting to use, in real-time.
    I use both a company laptop, & a personal surface book simultaneously across the "guest" network, and the work laptop on the secure network so I am able to use my personal owned non-company approved programs, and macro's / scripts, and also save & access files between work server & personal computer.
    the main frustration is that this sync takes ages to detect a change, or that I've copied or saved a new version of a file, so I have to wait & wait before I can open it on the other computer.
    Frankly, it is quicker to use a thumb drive, as tedious as that may be.
    I have basically "active" or "frequent" folders open on both PC's at the same time with the intention of treating this a bit like a clip-board between pc's, but I have to wait & wait for the "clip-board" to syncronize. A simple right-click & sync option would probably solve 90% of the annoyance factor.
    I used to use a combination of drop-box & MS "brief case", to keep synchronised copies of documents accessible to several permitted computers / users. But as brief case is no longer an option, and one-drive can't be forced to Synchronise specific "active" folders, this is much less efficient & also more error prone (if working on a document on two PC's at once for example, or if there is a drop in network service, and Onedrive / office decides there is a conflict in open files).
    It would also be ideal if one drive could be set to update over LAN connections first, and then synchronise to the onedrive cloud.
    The guest and work laptop are on the same network, so shouldn't need to upload to a remote server, and then re-download from the remote server to update two computers on the LAN. The same is the case when working with two PC's on the guest network, or on my home network.

    being able to set an intermittent timed update (or backup) to the cloud would be better for my purpose.
    I also use one drive so I can quickly access & view documents on my phone, for example so I don't need to print off a copy to take with me out into the workshop, or out of the office to inspect or check a delivery for example, again the lag means I can't just copy something to my one drive & work out of the office an expect it to appear on my phone at some reasonable time frame.
    This is made worse now that I have recently tried to backup 50Gig worth of non-urgent data to onedrive, which is now making use of onedrive as a sync between devices impossible. Because I can't set priority of folders to allow a "slow" backup of non-urgent data to onedrive, the priority / active files take even longer to sync as onedrive decides where they sit in the cue.
    Furthermore, this pretty much locks down the internet 100% doing the file backup upload, unless I restrict all upload / download rates making the above use even worse still.

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