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    tell us more  ·  Casey Penk responded

    Can you please tell us more about what you are looking for? What do you mean by “zero knowledge cloud storage”? Thank you.

    Jeff supported this idea  · 
    Jeff commented  · 

    I would also like to see this, or something like it.

    My specific concern is taking a private, intimate photo on my phone, having it automatically back up to OneDrive, having Microsoft's algorithm flag it, and then having Microsoft personnel huddled around a monitor looking at naked pictures of my girlfriend, trying to decide whether or not to lock me out of my account.

    It's my understanding that Microsoft routinely scans OneDrive accounts in search of nude photos. There have been documented cases of users being locked out of their accounts. Even in cases of professional photographers whose work involves partial nudity.

    "Zero knowledge" is a buzzword that describes a cloud storage solution in which the cloud storage provider has no way of accessing its users' data. The common way of achieving this is to encrypt the data locally before it is uploaded, and to ensure that the user is the only one with the power to decrypt the data.

    It seems to me that Microsoft employees should be forbidden from looking at a user's private photos for any reason. Barring that, zero knowledge (locally encrypted) cloud storage would be a solution.

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