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    33 comments  ·  OneDrive on Mac  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    We have been working on several memory leak fixes recently. One of the main ones was fixed with Standalone version 19.086.0502.0008 and Store version 19.103.0527.0003. If you are not on one of those builds or higher, please update first. If you are still experiencing issues after updating, let us know. We will continue to focus on performance improvements, including memory utilization.

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    Bryan So commented  · 

    From OneDrive technical support team: "As per the screenshot it seems that you are trying to sync 54.1 GB of data so that is one of the reason it is using your computers memory. If you do not wish that OneDrive should not use your memory then we suggest you to sync the data in small chunks."

    (Although that doesn't explain why the memory keeps increasing over several days even with no syncing happening)

    Bryan So commented  · 

    In addition to the memory leak... it's a serious mistake to enable Mac OS Finder integration. See screenshot. 4 processes. 3 of them 1.5GB each. The 4th almost 1GB. Why? Why? Why? The OneDrive team has no programming skill whatsoever.

    Bryan So commented  · 

    I'm truly stuck. I have 200GB of photos on OneDrive that I need to restore after a crash. OneDrive (MacOS) can download a couple GB and will be unusable due to the memory leak. I can't keep doing close app, reboot, restart app a hundred times to download all photos! This is an absolute nightmare.

    Bryan So commented  · 

    With recent updates it is getting worse and worse and worse. On my iMac that has only 16GB RAM it used to use up 9GB. A few days ago I ran it to sync some new files and forgot to kill it afterwards. One day later it is taking up 90GB memory as shown in Activity Monitor. Whole Mac slowed to a crawl until I managed to kill it.

    Bryan So commented  · 

    Same here. It has been like this for years, not just months. I do like the free space that comes with my Office license (or may be something factored into the price, rather than free). I have to run OneDrive to sync. Quit it when done. I don't think MS cares any more.

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