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    36 comments  ·  OneDrive on Android  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →

    We shipped support for installing the OneDrive app on an SD card, but any files taken offline still go to internal storage. We do have plan to enable offline files to be stored on SD card. I’ll update status as we get further along.

    Stuart Vickers commented  · 

    I think, as with most of the large corporations these days, the only way you can influence them is to simply stop using their service and if you work in an organisation tied to a Microsoft service then convince your organisation to stop.

    This issue and any number of other issues with Microsoft products (MS Teams excrement?) go completely ignored.

    MS clearly don't need OneDrive or think they can just keep the subscriptions rolling in and produce atrocious products that don't meet customer needs.

    I will have to vote with my feet if this issue isn't resolved and consider an alternative cloud storage service for both my personal and business OneDrive requirements.

    Not paying for MS services any more is the only way you can influence them as only money motivates them. Customer service and high quality products clearly do not.

    I think the specific problem with Samsung devices is the initial embedded install of the product on the device. This is not allowing them to fix the issue with moving it to the SD card. They won't admit this and Samsung won't admit it and the money they received for this deal will far outweigh any negative press they get for not fixing this issue and they know it will go away 'soon' as we all upgrade and move to other devices... possibly not Samsung devices as this appears to be a particularly knotty problem for Samsung devices.

    So, to Ryan and anyone else at Microsoft who is reading this I'll soon be uninstalling your products and moving my services elsewhere. This almost certainly doesn't bother you as I am just a gnat buzzing in your ear, but I'll also be suggesting this approach to everyone I know and suggest that they recommend the approach to everyone they know.

    Hopefully one day this planet with be rid of your shoddy products.

    Stuart Vickers supported this idea  · 

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