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    Anonymous commented  · 

    I found a way to remove, after hours and hours of trying!!!! I do not get credit for this. I cobbled together three different posts and did them all and now finally now all my devices, with the exception of ONENOTE is finally free of my employer. For iOS.... 1. make sure under settings PROFILE you don't see profiles for your employer, these contain the root certificates. Make sure those are all removed. Root certificates give access to your phone. 2. Load all the MS apps, Word, Excel, PPT, Skype anything that is Microsoft, including Sharepoint.... Even if you didn't have it on your system.... remember the company uses all of them. Click on your Account. Log out of all business accounts in each app. 3. Also go to your iOS settings on OneDrive and every single other MS app, Clear Account Settings.. Do this to every single MS product on ALL your devices. 4. Go to EXCEL under settings when you are in Excel. Look for Other Locations, you will see there is a SharePoint Drive with your company name on it as well. Swipe left to DELETE. When I did all the above steps including this last one, FINALLY ONE DRIVE associated with my business account disappeared off my devices. Thank GOD. STILL ONE NOTE keeps referencing the business account, and I have no clue how to get rid of it. But at least the OneDrive association is finally gone. UNABLE TO REMOVE BUSINESS Folders from ONE NOTE, but the rest seems to be gone. I don't use ONENOTE so hopefully if I uninstall it there will not be a BACKDOOR to access my device through the folder system.

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    Anonymous commented  · 

    This is extremely disturbing to not want my business access on my phone any more. Company policy basically says they can take over your PERSONAL phone if it warrants and can monitor all activity on your personal phone. So I said I want it off and I will get a phone separate for business. Microsoft refuses to allow us to completely remove the Onedrive access for iOS apple products. It was forced even onto my iPad, which I DID NOT APPROVE. I stopped installing it on my iphone when I saw they wanted to put a ROOT certificate on. Please allow us to remove non-personal accounts from our PERSONAL iphones and other apple products. I don't want them to have access through any possible means. I have logged out of all MS apps on my iphone, ipad, MAC and my DEll but there still is a lingering connecting to ONENOTE which I think is the culprit. I have deleted all the apps and OneDrive and re booted, reinstall and signed in and my employer is still there. I have also CLEARED Settings on all MS apps and I have removed the root certificates and I still see a ONE DRIVE for my company. PLEASE LET US un-associate our business profiles from our PERSONALLY PURCHASED iphones, ipads, MACS.

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