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    tell us more  ·  Casey Penk responded

    Can you please tell us more about what you are looking for? What do you mean by “zero knowledge cloud storage”? Thank you.

    Craig commented  · 

    Zero knowledge storage prevents the server operator from accessing stored files. Any court orders or govt agency requests for access would have to be directed to the data owner as the server operator would be powerless to make data available to third parties. It is unlikely that Microsoft could do this in the USA or UK due to security legislation, concern about hosting child ****, proliferation of criminal activity and suchlike, but hosting in Canada, some EU countries and others would permit zero knowledge storage. Even with the use of offshore hosting it is unlikely that Microsoft would be able resist government demands for govt. agency access to MS hosted data. So, truly secure storage is not going to feature in the MS product line.

    Craig supported this idea  · 

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