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    Josh Davidson commented  · 


    As an ex-Microsoft Product and Program manager I have to say this is a HUGE problem that you need to address as soon as humanly possible. The annoyance level is incredibly high and the only reason you can get away with such an atrocious feature is because of all the other features that Office 365 and Microsoft 365 have which lock people in to the system.

    The spaces and the length of the file names are major problems. As a developer, if you want to use OneDrive to store your code, your build path is now included and will look something like:

    C:\OneDrive - Long Company Name\Development\SolutionName\ProjectName\bin\x86\debug\...

    Why add the number of characters to Long Company Name and make this hard for your users? Box, DropBox and others don't have this limitation and you are really just saying to your users, 'eh, I don't care about your problems or preferences, we are going to go with this really annoying feature that tons of people complain about for 4-5 years.'

    Just a quick perusal of this list shows you are working on items with 1/6th the votes, so it sort of looks like you don't care about user's pain around this issue.

    I wonder how many people use Office / Microsoft 365 and go out and pay for DropBox or Box because of this so you don't see the complaints? How many Office / Microsoft 365 users have basically nothing in their OneDrive accounts?

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