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    We’ve rolled out an update which includes support for PDF files, images, audio and other file formats. This update doesn’t yet include support for video files but we’re working on it and will have more to share soon!

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    Jaden Scaife commented  · 

    So here is my addition to this thread which is a total annoyance and truthfully? Is going to end my support and subscription to Microsoft office.

    I am a personal creative writer. The Onedrive 1TB is nice for the personal office 365 plan costing me $79.99 CAD / yearly. A bit pricey I thought but it at the time was needed.

    Now however as I want to share my work to some friends for feedback and review; I want to keep my data mine and personal. So it can't be downloaded or copied and shared/edited and distributed without permission. What if I had sensitive revisions or data that I wanted only viewed and selectively shared but to hinder temptations to desire it to remain on the cloud?

    Apparently this is NOT an option for us "Personal"/Non-business users and I am sickeningly dissapointed espcially after discovering with Google Drive and Google Documents the privacy for documents can be set by any FREE USER not even subscribed to "G suite" to PREVENT DOWNLOAD, PRINT AND SAVING.

    WHY the **** for a PREMIUM SERVICE BEING PAID FOR BY AN INDIVIDUAL can we not have similar protection for our files regardless of what they are!

    Imagine a musician working on a new audio piece and wants some feedback with a temporary link that will expire and let their viewers LISTEN but NOT download/save/copy, etc? Is it possible? NO! Oh wait, they need to UPGRADE to BUSINESS just to get THAT ONE **** FEATURE and it's likely to my guess not even as secure?!

    Google has won over this feature of security for microsoft. It's sad that in this regard, Microsoft is not thinking about the little guys or freelancers or individuals who DESERVE the same security to their IP just as any business should.

    This needs to change. I am not going to upgrade to the "Business" for ONE feature that while it's critical for me, it's $11 CAD / user per month on an annual commitment OR $13.20 CAD / user per month on a Monthly commitment. NO. Some people are poor and not living wealthy lives to afford services like that.

    Microsoft Home office 365 is an extra expense but value to allow FIVE people/family to have access but the same security or availability? No.

    Why would I go from $79 annual to at the least 11 * 12 = $132 a year for ONE USER (ME) to have access to BLOCK and Prevent downloads?! God forbid if I wanted to collab and have a team under my expense.

    If any readers out there who like me are wondering because you are a "Personal" user and non-business are looking for a solution? Google Drive and Docs.

    The files provided show too from a non-business access to something that would be personal and has potential for leaking if a wrong person got ahold of a sharing link.

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