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    I don't get why any sane developer would create a restriction like this unless they were unaware of the competing path length limit. Using the company name (or "Personal") to distinguish one type of account from another is understandable as a default, but preventing people from changing/renaming the root folder is just unnecessary, especially if you don't even give account admins (e.g. the subscribed company's IT techies and the CEO above them) a choice in the matter.
    If it were me, I would do away with BOTH restrictions:
    1. let users change the default name of the folder (unless they are installing on company computers or otherwise subject to a domain's group policies, no one should be able to tell them what they can and cannot call a folder), and
    2. remove the path length limit on the SharePoint backend (seriously Microsoft, it's 2020. Are you seriously telling me your commercial grade cloud servers can't afford to turn on "Enable NTFS long paths"? Next you'll tell me all your servers are actually smart-toasters with the latest version of Windows XP service pack 3 installed!) supported this idea  · 

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