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    Ken Rawlings commented  · 

    This request is related to the current restriction that allows to choose whether or not to back up Desktop, Documents, and/or Pictures libraries on the C drive. As if a user would never need to specify folders for backup with any more specificity than this! My Windows machine is owned by my main client and former employer. I am permitted to use it also for personal purposes, which I do, but I keep all my personal files on a separate, USB-attached drive (actually two of them). It is THESE external drives, and specifically some folders on them, that I want to back up to OneDrive. My client has contracted with Carbonite to back up the Documents library on the C drive. So my only option for backing up my personal files, which includes gigabytes of photos and music files, in addition to Office files, is to manually copy them to either the OneDrive cloud folders or to the OneDrive folder on the C drive. The latter strategy doesn't really work, due to limited C drive space. Besides, isn't manually copying files exactly what we all are trying to avoid by using OneDrive? I mean, just having cloud storage space has long since become table stakes. It's the automatic syncing and backup capabilities that make cloud storage powerful and useful. So, what we need: 1) the ability to specify an external drive(s) for backup and syncing, in addition to the C drive; 2) the ability to specify different libraries beyond Desktop, Documents, and Pictures; 3) the ability to specify any subdirectories for backup and syncing.

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