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    Denver Nova commented  · 

    As an FYI, here's the best method I've found for shortening the OneDrive folder name.

    1. Install OneDrive

    2. Close down OneDrive.

    3. Open the registry editor by typing "RegEdit" into your Windows search bar and selecting it from the search results.

    4. Go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\OneDrive\Accounts\Business1 and change the "UserFolder" value data to whatever directory and folder name you'd like.

    5. Go to C:\Users\<YOUR USER FOLDER>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneDrive\Settings\Business1 and open up the .ini file that has a bunch of random numbers, letters, and dashes in its name.

    6. On the libraryScope line find where it shows the original OneDrive folder path in quotations and change it to match the new desired path.

    7. Save the file.

    8. Create the new folder yourself in the new directory and copy over the contents of your old OneDrive folder to it.

    9. Fire up OneDrive and it should start using the new folder from here on.

    10. You may need to choose which folders to sync again after doing this. I caught it trying to resync everything on one of my PCs even though I had set it up to only sync a few folders.

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